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Athlete Action Planning

Plan Your Path

The path to success in sport is unique for everybody. There is no universal playbook that will guarantee success. Each individual athlete is different and they require custom plans that can best assure them of reaching their potential. Through an Athlete Action Plan, athletes will establish a concrete plan to help them find success and achieve their goals.

We work with individuals, sport clubs, National, Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations to help athletes reach their potential. Through facilitated discussion, introspection, and planning we work alongside athletes, administrators, coaches, and parents to create a concrete plan to find success.

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Sydney Payne.jpg

"After my gold medal in
Tokyo, I knew it was
going to take more than
just hard work to allow me to
continue my success. The time
working with Michael and Steve has enabled me to gain a better
perspective on achieving athletic
excellence while also addressing
other important goals in my life."

-Sydney Payne OLY

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