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Golf Business Canada

Coming in Green

An outsider's journey to become a new golf course owner.

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Is your condo board prioritizing properly?Strategic plans for condos are not completed nearly enough.

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An Interview with Condo Director George Bernashawi of the Mondeo Townhomes
Positive stories on shared facilities are few and far between in the world of condo boards, but some have found a way forward.

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Using Data to Improve Your Condo

Software Programs Like Survey Monkey and Google Forms are Enhancing Data-Based Decision Making

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Our Lives, Our Condos, Our Tech

Technology in Condos Round Table

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An Interview with Leslie Groer and Wayne Copeland of Lawrence Park Condos
Director Q&A provides a glimpse into the perspective of a condo director to provide insight on how challenges, large or small, are overcome. Owners, directors, management to service providers will benefit from these candid conversations.

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