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Strategic Planning

With Bedford Hill Consulting you won’t waste time on activities that don’t have the right impact. Through a strategic planning process we co-create a plan that succeeds. You’ll understand why you’re doing something and how it’s going to feed your organization’s goals.

Arguably the most important tool in creating an effective strategic plan is building team engagement and consensus through facilitation.  Utilizing Technologies Of Participation® (ToP) devised by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Bedford Hill Consulting delivers plans that are simple, actionable, and effective.


There are few activities that can provide the ROI that sponsorship can.  But making a sponsorship work for a B2B company isn’t about a logo on a banner.  Bedford Hill Consulting understand the subtleties of how to make sponsorships work in a B2B environment.

Part-time CMO / Marketing Communications Manager

You don’t need a full time marketing  or communications professional, but 20% of someone sounds about right?  Maybe you just need an expert to help with a short term project? Bedford Hill Consulting understands your business and can ramp up or ramp down as needed. 


Bedford Hill Consulting plans events (digital or in-person) that align with goals, budgets and stakeholder expectations.  Our events run like you expect them to; smooth and without problems. 


Sport is one of the greatest tools to build relationships. Whether a simple golf outing or something more complex, Bedford Hill Consulting has the experience to help your business through the power of sport.

Business Development and Sales

You need someone senior to navigate sales.  From finding the opportunities, creating the conversations, to closing the deals.  Bedford Hill Consulting supports this function without the commitment to a full-time salesperson.  


External or internal, communications is not just a well written newsletter or eblast.  Communications delivers a brand, sways opinion and leaves a mark of trust with its audience.  


Content is king.  Video, web, print, social, infographics are some the best tools to promoting services. Bedford Hill Consulting understands these media and how to properly communicate the right message to build your business.  


Core to the start of any great plan is understanding the data.  Bedford Hill Consulting provides comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research services.  Aligning the research results with our capacity to analyze and provide insights is a winning formula to creating effective strategy. 

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