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Innovation yea or nay

Ted Graham, innovation leader at PwC Canada, wrote an interesting article in February 11th's Globe and Mail about what auto manufactures are doing to try to stay innovative. Notably, Ted speaks to GM's recent $500M investment in Lyft, North America's second place ride sharing program behind Uber.

(Link to the article posted on Ted's linkedin)

The perception of innovation changes depending on who you're talking to. In the auto sector, is the benchmark for innovative adding wifi to your vehicle? Or is the artificial intelignece braking device? Or is self driving the only true territory for innovation?

Innovation requires a little perspective

Some would argue that innovation should be borderline revolutionary and truly change our world... think the telephone,the lightbulb, the combustion engine or the internet. No doubt these innovations truly changed our world. No argument there.

To the other extreme, is innovation as simple as hosting weekly meetings on a Tuesday rather than a Monday? Is setting your meetings to 50min rather than an hour (so you have time to get to the next meeting) also considered innovative? It can be. And for you and your business... a modest version innovation may make all the difference in success.

So if you're looking at your organization and thinking, how do we become innovative? Think about your organization, think about your industry, think about your competition, think about your people and decide what is innovative for you.

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